Recently Completed: Route 58 at Powell Mountain (Lee County)


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The project to add a 2,000-foot climbing lane to the west side of Powell Mountain in Lee County was awarded to Estes Bros. Construction, Inc., Jonesville, in July 2020. The project began December 2020 and wrapped up November 2021.


The project improves safety along Route 58 at Powell Mountain by giving passenger vehicles a safe way to pass trucks along the steep grade.


Major funding source: Federal Funds

Phase: Recently Completed

UPC: 109439, 111272

State ID: 0058-052-811,P101,R201,C501, 0058-052-823,P101,R201,C501

Federal ID: NHPP-052-1(132), STP-052-1(134)

Lat/Long: 36.710556, -82.875556

Locality: Lee

Page last modified: Aug. 14, 2023