Recently Completed: Route 20 at Route 231, Orange County

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Construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Route 20 (Constitution Highway) and Route 231 (Blue Ridge Turnpike) in Orange County finished on-time Dec. 7.

Under a $1.8 million construction contract, Chemung Contracting Corp. of Mitchells replaced the two-way stop intersection with a single-lane roundabout.

Between 2010 and 2015, 26 crashes occurred at this intersection resulting in 32 injuries. VDOT has installed rumble strips and intersection ahead signs with advance warning flashers to advise motorists to use caution approaching the area but the rate of crashes has remained consistent. 

Approximately 3,800 vehicles use Route 20 daily. The traffic count on Route 231 is about 1,200 vehicles per day.

This project was advanced about one year ahead of the construction schedule presented at the public hearing.


This project will improve safety and reduce crashes. 


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Justin Warfield

Lou Hatter

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Navigating the roundabout at Route 20 and Route 231 Adobe Acrobat PDF (1 MB)

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Phase: Recently Completed

UPC: 109588

State ID: 0020-068-599, P101, R201, C501

Federal ID: HSIP-068-7(038)

Lat/Long: 38.224091, -78.219818

Locality: Orange

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