In Design: Route 240/250/680 Roundabout, Albemarle County

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VDOT held a public hearing for this project on June 11, 2019. Public meeting materials are available in the resources section (click on the previous meetings link).

VDOT proposes to reconstruct the existing intersection of Route 240 (Three Notched Road), Route 250 (Rockfish Gap Turnpike) and Route 680 (Browns Gap Turnpike) as a roundabout.

The proposed roundabout will improve traffic safety and more efficiently move traffic through the busy Albemarle County intersection. 

During construction, VDOT proposes to close Route 680 to through traffic between Route 250 and Route 802 (Old Three Notched Road) with a posted detour. Traffic would be detoured via Route 240 to Route 802 for about two months.  

Approximately 7,000 vehicles use Route 240 near the intersection, according to 2017 data. The traffic count on Route 250 is about 10,000 vehicles and Route 680 carries about 580 vehicles per day.

The project schedule is currently under revision; dates for the project milestones are to be determined.


Roundabouts are safer than conventional stop-controlled intersections because traffic can continually and efficiently flow through the intersection and vehicle operating speeds are lower. Additionally, roundabouts help reduce air pollution and fuel use compared to a signalized intersection due to reduced idling and less acceleration and deceleration. 


Contact Info:

Hal Jones

Lou Hatter

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Major funding source: High-Risk Rural Roads, Highway Safety Improvement Program

Phase: In Design

UPC: 111729

State ID: 0250-002-957, P101, R201, C501

Lat/Long: 38.061909, -78.648511

Locality: Albemarle

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