In Design: Roundabout at U.S. 33 and Route 20


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Virtual Design Public Hearing

VDOT held a design public hearing as a virtual/online event on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. VDOT representatives made a presentation beginning at 5 p.m. and were present to answer questions afterward. The presentation is available for review; to access the meeting and review meeting materials, click on the button below: 

Project Details

VDOT proposes to reconstruct the eastern intersection of U.S. 33 (Spotswood Trail) and Route 20 (Constitution Highway) as a roundabout. The current "T" intersection is controlled by a stop sign for traffic turning from Route 20 onto U.S. 33.

The project will reconstruct the eastern intersection of U.S. 33 and Route 20 as a single-lane roundabout and will connect the gas station entrance directly to the intersection. Sidewalk is proposed along the west side of Route 20 and along the north side of U.S. 33, with a crosswalk on the western leg of the roundabout, crossing U.S. 33.

A directional median crossover is also proposed at the intersection of U.S. 33 and Route 738 and will provide a left turn lane from eastbound U.S. 33 onto Route 738. The directional median crossover will prohibit left turns from Route 738 (both legs) onto U.S. 33 and will prohibit left turns from westbound U.S. 33 onto Route 738.


According to traffic crash data from 2012 to 2016, there were 12 crashes within this intersection area.  Six of these crashes resulted in injury to nine individuals; one crash resulted in a fatality.  The prevailing collision types at this intersection are angle crashes (58%) and rear end crashes (42%).

Some of these crashes, including the fatality, were associated with the intersection with Route 738 (Old Barboursville Road) immediately east of the primary intersection.

A roundabout design is recommended for this intersection because roundabouts are demonstrated to be safer than other forms of at-grade intersections, especially for targeting fatal and injury crashes, as well as angle crashes.  An overall reduction in crashes of 80 percent can be expected.


Contact Info:

Trieu Nguyen, P.E.
(540) 829-7524

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Public hearing brochurePDF gif  (960 KB)

Public hearing comment sheetPDF gif  (190 KB)

Aerial view of proposed project, PDF gif  (10.4 MB)

Preliminary engineering plan setPDF gif  (9.2 MB)

Typical sections of proposed roundabout, PDF gif  (131 KB)

National Environmental Policy Act Programmatic Categorical Exclusion findingPDF gif  (26 KB)

Public hearing advertisementPDF gif  (162 KB)

Federal Highway Administration roundabout informationPDF gif  (619 KB)

Major funding source: SMART SCALE round 3 (FY2020)

Phase: In Design

UPC: 115475

State ID: 0033-068-626, P101, R201, C501

Lat/Long: 38.17124415289397, -78.27922654507186

Locality: Orange

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