In Design: Interstate 64 Afton Mountain Safety Improvements

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VDOT will install two new components on Interstate 64 to improve the safety of motorists traveling across Afton Mountain:

Congestion/low-speed warning system

A congestion detection system will be installed on Interstate 64 west on Afton Mountain along with additional message boards to alert drivers about slow traffic ahead. The system will detect vehicle speeds and automatically post an alert on the message boards when the majority of traffic is traveling below a certain speed. The advanced warning system will better prepare motorists for travel conditions between Crozet and the top of Afton Mountain at mile marker 99.

Upgraded interchange lighting

Upgraded lighting will be installed at mile marker 99 at the top of Afton Mountain to improve visibility. The lights will be a combination of full-pole mounted, bridge-mounted and wall-mounted fixtures.

Travel Impacts

Construction will begin in summer 2023 and will take about one year. Lane closures will be required during installation. The public will be notified about traffic impacts and changes through media reports, social media posts and 511, as well as coordination with Albemarle County and other stakeholder groups.


These two safety improvements are designed to better prepare motorists for travel conditions on Afton Mountain and to provide improved visibility at the top of the mountain.

Major Milestones 

Preliminary design: October 2020-October 2022

Right of way: October 2022-August 2023

Construction: August 2023-August 2024


UPC: 117436

Lat/Long: 38.035436, -78.845645

Locality: Albemarle

Page last modified: March 25, 2023