Under Construction: Louisa - Roundabout at Broad Street Road (Route 250) and Cross County Road (Route 522)

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Construction Begins Sept. 10

Motorists should plan extra travel time as construction of a roundabout began September 10 at the intersection of Route 250 (Broad Street Road) and Route 522 (Cross County Road) in Louisa County. 

Under a $1.9 million construction contract, J.L. Kent and Sons, Inc. of Spotsylvania will convert the existing two-way stop intersection to a single-lane roundabout.

Initial project tasks include installing environmental controls and construction signs.

During construction, drivers should expect lane shifts and flagging operations on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. A detour may be implemented during construction but additional details will be released as construction progresses.

Construction will be complete by Dec. 23, 2022.

Project Details

The primary purpose of this project is to replace the existing two-way stop controlled intersection of Route 250 (Broad Street Road) and Route 522 (Cross County Road) with a single-lane roundabout. 


A roundabout has been chosen to improve the safety and efficiency of the intersection.

Roundabouts are safer than traffic signals and conventional stop-controlled intersections because traffic can continually and efficiently flow through the intersection and vehicle operating speeds are lower. Additionally, roundabouts help reduce air pollution and fuel use compared to a signalized intersection due to reduced idling and less acceleration and deceleration. 

Major Milestones 

Public Information Meeting: February 28, 2017

Design Public Hearing: July 24, 2018

Public comment ends: August 3, 2018

Right of way acquisition: Winter 2018

Begin construction: September 10, 2021

Construction complete: December 23, 2022


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Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 107081

State ID: 0250-037-S63, P101, R201, C501

Federal ID: HSIP-5A27(460), HSIP-037-4(016), HSIP-037-4(017)

Lat/Long: 37.775515, -77.896890

Locality: Louisa

Page last modified: May 5, 2022