Studies: Route 250 (Ivy Road) Corridor Improvement Study, Albemarle County

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Map of Route 250 study area from Three Notched Road to the Route 29/250 Bypass

Study Background and Scope

The Route 250 (Ivy Road) corridor improvement study evaluated the operations and safety along the corridor between the 29/250 Bypass and Route 240 (Three Notch Road) in Albemarle County, west of Charlottesville. 

The project team identified 12 hot spots on this corridor and developed recommendations for each location:

  1. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Route 240 (Three Notch Road)
  2. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Route 787 (Gillums Ridge Road)
  3. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Route 676 (Tilman Road)
  4. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Route 678 (Owensville Road)
  5. Route 250 (Ivy Road) between the C&O Railroad Overpass to private driveway
  6. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Broomley Road
  7. Route 250 (Ivy Road) between the east entrance of UVA Northridge Medical Park and Broomley Road
  8. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at UVA Northridge Medical Park
  9. Route 250 (Ivy Road) between Golf Course Drive / Colridge Drive and Exxon West Entrance
  10. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Route 846 (Canterbury Road / Old Garth Road)
  11. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Route 29 southbound interchange
  12. Route 250 (Ivy Road) at Route 29 northbound interchange

These recommendations ranged from short-term to long-term implementation. Short-term improvements include optimizing signal timings, installing new signing or pavement markings, or trimming vegetation along the corridor. Long-term improvements include installing a left-turn lane, constructing a roundabout, or widening the roadway.

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Route 250 (Ivy Road) Corridor Study


This STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) study identifies improvement opportunities along Route 250 (Ivy Road) designed to safely keep traffic moving along the corridor.  


Contact Info:

Chuck Proctor, District Planning Manager

Lat/Long: N/A

Locality: Albemarle

Page last modified: March 25, 2023