Recently Completed: I-64 Interchange at Route 15, Zion Crossroads

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VDOT completed construction on the Zion Crossroads DDI on April 15, 2014, finishing on time and under budget. This was the first diverging diamond interchange in Virginia.

The purpose of this project was to improve the I-64 interchange on Route 15 at Zion Crossroads (exit 136).

In 2007, VDOT identified a need to increase the capacity of the I-64 off-ramps at the Route 15 interchange, which — combined with a forecasted increase of traffic due to the area’s commercial growth — prompted a study of potential interchange options. 

In addition to the DDI, VDOT analyzed the construction of a single-point urban interchange, improvements to the existing diamond interchange, and a no-build alternative.

The clover-leaf interchange was not included based on the amount of land acquisition it would require. 

Overall, the diverging diamond interchange produced the best results based on current traffic volumes as well as those projected for 2035.


By shifting vehicles to the opposite side of the road, this design eliminates traditional left turns that cross over oncoming traffic.

The DDI improves safety by reducing the number of spots where vehicles could collide and can handle more than 600 left-turn movements per hour, twice the capacity of a conventional interchange.


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Lat/Long: 37.977086, -78.213644

Locality: Louisa

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