Under Construction: I-95 Southbound Ladysmith Safety Rest Area Truck Parking Expansion

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The Virgina Department of Transportation is expanding the number of parking spaces for trucks and other large commercial vehicles at the Interstate 95 southbound Ladysmith Safety Area in Caroline County, located at mile marker 108. 

This project will expand the number of available truck and larger commercial vehicle parking spaces from 20 spaces to 45 parking spaces. 

Construction is starting in May 2021 to build the new parking spaces, which are expected to open to traffic in June 2022.

All rest area restrooms, amenities and passenger car parking will remain open to visitors during construction. A brief closure of the truck and oversize vehicle parking area is scheduled for Monday, April 4-Thursday, April 14, 2022, and again from Tuesday, April 19-Friday, April 29, 2022. This brief closure will allow the project contractor to install concrete in the future truck parking area. 

In addition to the 20 truck parking spaces, the facility offers 55 parking spaces for cars and 4 handicapped-accessible parking spaces.

Construction barrels are installed along the shoulder of the interstate entrance and exit ramps at the rest area, and at the rear of the truck and oversize vehicle parking area. Motorists will not be able to access the shoulder in these areas during construction.

New Parking Layout Map


Additional parking provides a safe, convenient location for drivers of trucks and large commercial vehicles to rest along the I-95 southbound corridor. 

This project will encourage these vehicles to be parked in designated parking spaces, which keeps interstate shoulders free for emergencies. 

Major Milestones 

March 2020: Tree clearing begins

May 2021: Construction begins to build new parking spaces

April 4-14 and April 18-29, 2022: Existing truck parking area closes temporarily

June 2022: Construction complete


Major funding source: State Maintenance Budget

Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 113630

Lat/Long: 37.981868, -77.493791

Locality: Caroline

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Tree clearing has begun to build more than 40 additional parking spaces for trucks and large commercial vehicles at the I-95 Southbound Safety Rest Area at Ladysmith
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With just 20 parking spaces dedicated to trucks and other large commercial vehicles at the Safety Rest Area, most of the spaces reach capacity during the overnight hours. Building new spaces will accommodate the demand, keeping interstate shoulders and ramp shoulders open for emergencies.
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When construction is finished in November 2021, there will be 68 parking spaces dedicated for trucks and large commercial vehicles -- an increase of 48 spaces. Construction begins in April 2021. Tree clearing began in March 2020.
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Clearing for the project began in March 2020, and is substantially complete in April 2020.
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Another view of trees cleared for future truck parking at the I-95 Southbound Safety Rest Area at Ladysmith.
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