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The I-95 Northbound Rappahannock River Crossing project seeks to reduce northbound I-95 congestion between the exit 130 (Route 3) interchange in the City of Fredericksburg and the exit 133 (Route 17) interchange in Stafford County, which are two of the busiest interchanges in the region.

Construction began in 2020, and will be complete in May 2024.

This project will build: 

  • Three new travel lanes for through traffic between the exit 130 and exit 133 interchanges, with through traffic carried over the Rappahannock River on a new span
  • Creates a new off-ramp for I-95 northbound traffic exiting to Route 17 northbound and Route 17 Business at exit 133, controlled by a traffic signal at end of ramp
  • Replaces the collector-distributor lane overpass crossing Route 17, raising the height to avoid future strikes from traffic passing below
  • Builds a fourth travel lane for I-95 northbound traffic between exit 133 and exit 136 (Centreport Parkway) in Stafford
  • Sidewalk along Route 17 northbound between Short Street and South Gateway Drive/Sanford Drive

Virtual Public Information Center

The link will take you to an online meeting room with narrated display boards with design details, a construction schedule, and simulation videos for the project. The virtual public information center will remain available for the entirety of this project.

(New!) I-95 Northbound Mega Work Zone in Fredericksburg Area Extended to Thursday, Dec. 8

Due to rain anticipated overnight, a work zone on Interstate 95 northbound in the Fredericksburg area scheduled for Monday, Dec. 5-Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022, has been extended to continue until 4:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 8.

Northbound travelers can continue to expect heavy traffic, especially at peak periods, between exit 130 (Route 3) in the City of Fredericksburg and exit 136 (Centreport Parkway) in Stafford County. 

Through travelers with destinations north of the Washington, D.C, area, are encouraged to detour at exit 104 (Carmel Church) in Caroline County, and travel Route 207 eastbound to Route 301 northbound to avoid delay.

Currently, three lanes of I-95 northbound are open over the Rappahannock River between Fredericksburg and Stafford. Two through lanes of traffic are crossing the new I-95 northbound bridge. A third lane crosses the original northbound Rappahannock River bridge, and allows motorists to access exit 133 (Falmouth/Warrenton), but also rejoins with the I-95 travel lanes north of exit 133.

Northbound I-95 traffic will remain in this temporary split configuration until 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Click here to view a graphic of the temporary split pattern.

Read the traffic alert on this extended work zone.

The most up-to-date information about lane closures, work zones, traffic and other incidents is available on 511Virginia.

(New!) Traffic Signals Activated on Route 17 in Stafford on Dec. 2, 2022

Temporary traffic signals are now directing traffic entering and exiting Interstate 95 northbound at the exit 133 (Route 17) interchange in Stafford County.

The temporary traffic signals direct traffic at the I-95 northbound on- and off-ramps through spring 2024 as part of the I-95 Northbound Rappahannock River Crossing Project.

The new signals are located east of the I-95 overpasses.

Read the news release about the new signals. 

Click here to view a graphic of the temporary traffic pattern. 

Improve 95 Brochure

Learn more about all of the major projects underway on I-95 in the Fredericksburg area through 2024 to build a better ride. 

Improve 95 brochure

Work Zone Camera

OxBlue Construction Cameras

View of I-95 at the Rappahannock River facing northbound, between the City of Fredericksburg and Stafford County


This project seeks to reduce I-95 northbound congestion at Fredericksburg by providing local traffic with an additional route to travel between the Route 3 and Route 17 interchanges without merging into the interstate's general purpose lanes.

Major Milestones 

Citizen Information Meeting: January 2019

Design Public Hearing: August 22, 2019

Construction Begins: Late 2020 - Early 2021

Construction Complete: Summer 2024

Page last modified: March 27, 2023