Recently Completed: Interstate 95 Safety Improvements at Route 3 (Exit 130)

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This $21 million project in the City of Fredericksburg, funded with federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds, was built to reduce vehicle merging and weaving at Exit 130 on Interstate 95.

The project modified the on- and off-ramp traffic patterns where Route 3 intersects with I-95.

Eliminating the merging and weaving patterns reduces conflict points between vehicles that can lead to crashes, injuries and fatalities, and traffic congestion.

Construction was completed in December 2018.


Southbound I-95 Exit Ramp Improvements

For southbound I-95 traffic exiting to Route 3 westbound, the off-ramp was extended and widened.

A separate free-flow lane leads directly to the Carl D. Silver Parkway entrance at Central Park without any merging required.

Three right turn lanes were built for traffic exiting to Route 3 westbound. These lanes make a slight right turn onto Route 3, controlled by a traffic signal.

On a green signal, this provides traffic an opportunity to enter Route 3 westbound without any merging required.

Route 3 Eastbound On-Ramp Improvements

The previous cloverleaf on-ramp that carried Route 3 eastbound traffic onto Interstate 95 northbound was closed.

Instead, eastbound Route 3 traffic enters I-95 northbound by using 3 left turn lanes on Route 3, just beyond the I-95 overpass.

Eastbound Route 3 traffic turns left onto the northbound on-ramp controlled by a new traffic signal.


Phase: Recently Completed

UPC: 107715

State ID: 0095-111-278

Federal ID: OC-095-2(535)

Lat/Long: 38.296378, -77.505481

Locality: Fredericksburg

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New Ramp Configuration for I-95 Southbound Traffic Exiting to Route 3 Westbound and Carl D. Silver Parkway
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New Ramp Configuration for Route 3 Eastbound Traffic Entering I-95 Northbound

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