In Design: Route 626 (Leeland Road) Pedestrian and Bicycle Upgrades

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(New!) Nov. 19, 2021 Update:

VDOT has presented a new proposal for pedestrian improvements on Leeland Road. The proposal was shared with the Stafford County Board of Supervisors Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021. View the presentation

The new proposal would construct a 5 ft. sidewalk along both sides of Leeland Road, between the intersections of Deacon Road and Walnut Drive, in coordination with a Stafford County-funded revenue sharing project to widen Leeland Road between Julian Drive and Walnut Drive to a three-lane section.

A Rapid Flashing Pedestrian Crossing would be installed at Walnut Drive to cross pedestrian traffic to the west side of Leeland Road, with a proposed 5 ft. sidewalk to continue to Portland Drive. This new sidewalk would connect with the existing sidewalk network in the Leeland Station subdivision at Portland Drive. The existing footpath would not change, but a connection to the proposed sidewalk will be evaluated. All landscaping and fencing would remain. An easement for public use would be required from the Leeland Station Homeowners Association for the footpath along Leeland Road to facilitate continuous pedestrian access along the corridor.

Sidewalk already exists on Leeland Road between Primmer House Road and the entrance to the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station.

Pedestrian crosswalks, with pedestrian crossing equipment on each side, would be installed at the intersection of Walnut Farms Parkway and Perth Drive, and at Portland Drive and the existing footpath. VDOT will continue to discuss the installation of an additional pedestrian crossing of Leeland Road north of Primmer House Road, closer to the VRE station, as part of the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation's planned station enhancement.

If the Leeland Station Homeowners Association provides the required right of way, the pedestrian crosswalk at Walnut Farms Parkway and Perth Drive may be installed as soon as 2022.

All of the other improvements would be installed at the same time as the county's planned revenue sharing project to slightly widen Leeland Road, which is planned to be advertised to potential bidders in fiscal year 2027.


  • Connects multiple neighborhoods and properties along Leeland Road 
  • Links residential areas with the Virginia Railway Express station and Park & Ride lot
  • New pedestrian crossing at Walnut Drive, and Walnut Farms Parkway/Perth Drive, with crossing under evaluation at Portland Drive and existing footpath


Major funding source: Federal Bike and Pedestrian Safety Program Funds

Phase: In Design

UPC: 109477

State ID: 0626-089-726

Lat/Long: 38.334701,-77.436160

Locality: Stafford

Page last modified: Nov. 19, 2021