Coming Soon: Route 626 (Leeland Road) Pedestrian and Bicycle Upgrades

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The proposed project will build upon an existing shared use path along Route 626 (Leeland Road) in Stafford County by extending it to the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station at Leeland Road, which is 0.12 miles east of Route 624 (Primmer House Road). 

Currently, the asphalt multi-use path is 4 to 5 feet wide, and begins on the westbound side of Leeland Road near Walnut Drive to Primmer House Road. 

The new bicycle and pedestrian path will be 10 feet wide and extended to the VRE station.

The total length of the new path is 0.727 miles.

The project will also install crosswalk equipment and markings at the Leeland Road and Walnut Drive intersection. 

The Leeland Road bicycle and pedestrian upgrade project will be funded using federal Bike and Pedestrian Safety Program funds. 

Frequently Asked Questions (posted Aug. 25, 2021)

Design Public Hearing

UPDATE: The project's limits have changed since the October 2019 public hearing. These improvements will be accomplished in phases, with this project now building upon the existing shared use path to widen it, and connect it with the Leeland Road Virginia Railway Express station. 

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019

5-7 p.m. 

86 Deacon Rd., Fredericksburg, VA 22405


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Property Owner Letters: Design Public Hearing Notification

Additional Property Owner Letters: Design Public Hearing Notification (Due to New Drainage Easement)


Creates 10-foot-wide shared use path to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists along Leeland Road

Connects multiple neighborhoods and properties along Leeland Road

Links residential areas with the Virginia Railway Express station and Park & Ride lot

Shared use path will meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards

Land will remain in the Leeland Station Community Association name

Impacted items, such as landscaping and fencing, can be replaced with compensation provided by the project.

Shared use path maintenance will become VDOT responsibility

Drainage pipes will be replaced and upgraded along Leeland Road

Maintenance of all drainage items within new easements will be VDOT responsibility

New pedestrian crossing at Walnut Drive for better connectivity, with potential crossing at Walnut Farms Parkway/Perth Drive


Major funding source: Federal Bike and Pedestrian Safety Program Funds

Phase: Coming Soon

UPC: 109477

State ID: 0626-089-726

Lat/Long: 38.334701,-77.436160

Locality: Stafford

Page last modified: Aug. 25, 2021