Recently Completed: Route 1 Business (Lafayette Boulevard and Route 620 (Harrison Road) Turn Lane Improvement


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This project will extend the existing southbound right turn lane on Route 1 Business (Lafayette Boulevard) from Lee Street to Harrison Road. 

This will improve capacity and reduce congestion for southbound traffic turning onto Harrison Road.

Left turns from southbound Lafayette Boulevard onto Laurel Avenue are currently restricted due to construction activity, with posted detour signs. This turn restriction is expected to last through early May 2022. 

Periodically, left turns from northbound Lafayette Boulevard onto Lee Street will be restricted for the safety of crews in the work zone. Signs will be posted and uncovered when this left turn restriction is in place. The signs will be covered when it is not in effect. 


Improves capacity and reduces delay for southbound traffic turning right onto Harrison Road.

Major Milestones 

Project Re-Advertised for Construction: September 2021

Project Award: Late 2021

Construction Begins: Feb. 7, 2022

Construction Complete: May 2022


Phase: Recently Completed

Lat/Long: 38.263518, -77.492277

Locality: Spotsylvania

Page last modified: March 25, 2023