Studies: Route 1 Corridor Planning Study, Spotsylvania County

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), in partnership with Spotsylvania County and the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO), studied ways to reduce congestion and improve safety on the Route 1 corridor, specifically from Commonwealth Drive in the Massaponax area to the Caroline County line.

The purpose of the study was to identify potential operational and safety improvements, especially at 12 intersections along the corridor:

  • Commonwealth Drive
  • Route 749 (Old Telegraph Road)
  • Lad Land Drive
  • Route 608 (Massaponax Church Road)
  • Route 607 (Guinea Station Road)
  • River Run Parkway/Massaponax High School Driveway
  • Route 632 (Hickory Ridge Road)
  • Route 632 (North Roxbury Mill Road)
  • North Point Drive/Larkinchew Road
  • South Roxbury Mill Road
  • Morris Road/Mudd Tavern Road o
  • Route 603 (Arcadia Road) 

The $210,000 study was funded as part of VDOT's Arterial Preservation Program. Learn more about Arterial Management Plans and see a list of other plans completed, or underway, across Virginia. 

As part of the study process, the project team analyzed the most recent 5 years of crash data, reviewed existing traffic signal timing, looked at planned or possible future economic development, collected traffic counts during weekday peak hours, and investigated appropriate growth rates for future traffic volumes. 

The study did not set construction dates for any improvements. Instead, the study is intended to result in proposed improvements that localities can choose to pursue for funding in the future. 

Final Study Report

Public Outreach

Draft study recommendations for potential improvements were presented to the public in June 2021. A virtual meeting was held at 6 p.m. on June 7, 2021, and the public had an opportunity to comment on the draft recommendations through June 17, 2021, before the plan was finalized. 

An online survey was presented to gather public comment at the beginning of the study period, from May 15-June 5, 2020. Around 500 comments were received from the initial online survey. 

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Meeting presentation slides

Meeting: video recording

Online comment form

Proposed study concepts, by location

Corridor Improvements Map

Commonwealth Park & Ride and Proposed Jackson Village Boulevard Drive

Lad Land Drive: Restricted Crossing U-Turn

Lad Land Drive: Peanut Roundabout

Massaponax Church Road

Guinea Station Road and River Run Parkway: High School Connection

Guinea Station Road and River Run Parkway: Roundabout (Short Term)

Guinea Station Road and River Run Parkway: Roundabout (Long Term)

Guinea Station Road and River Run Parkway: Signal  (Short Term)

Guinea Station Road and River Run Parkway: Signal (Long Term)

Hickory Ridge Road: Restricted Crossing U-Turn

Hickory Ridge Road: Roundabout

North Roxbury Mill Road: Close Access

North Roxbury Mill Road: Restricted Access Improvements

North Roxbury Mill Road: Restricted Access with Turn Lanes

North Point Drive and Larkinchew Road: Roundabout

North Point Drive and Larkinchew Road: Signal

South Roxbury Mill Road and Mudd Tavern Road/Morris Road

Arcadia Road: Restrict Access

Arcadia Road: Realign Arcadia Road


The project team has set four goals for this study:

  1. Improve access management along the corridor by looking at consolidating access points or restrict particular movements
  2. Improve safety
  3. Improve efficiency by studying traffic operations at the 12 intersections and look at innovative intersection strategies or other upgrades
  4. Improve the ability of the Route 1 corridor to serve as an alternate route to I-95


Contact Info:

Linda LaSut, VDOT Project Manager
(540) 899-4260

Kelly Hannon, VDOT Communications Manager
(540) 656-0321 cell

Phase: Studies

Lat/Long: 38.216146,-77.507273

Locality: Spotsylvania

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