Coming Soon: Route 1 (Emancipation Highway), Hanson Avenue and Princess Anne Street Intersection Safety Project

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This federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) project would modify the intersection of Route 1, Hanson Avenue and Princess Anne Street in the City of Fredericksburg.

The changes include:

  • Modifying an existing median on Route 1 southbound to provide more space for vehicles turning left just after the Falmouth Bridge onto Princess Anne Street
  • Additional pedestrian accommodations would be installed for crossing Route 1
  • A temporary concrete median at Hanson Avenue and Route 1 would be replaced with a new concrete curb and island
  • Left turns from Route 1 northbound onto Hanson Avenue would continue to be prohibited

Construction of these improvements would occur in coordination with a separate project to improve the Route 1 and Fall Hill Avenue intersection in Fredericksburg. Both projects will be advertised through the same contract, and accomplished at the same time. 

Project Environmental Document


  • Adds pedestrian crossing
  • Adds capacity for vehicles turning left from Route 1 southbound onto Princess Anne Street, reducing risk of traffic spilling over into through travel lanes 
  • Improves overall traffic flow and operations at this intersection

Major Milestones 

Notice of Willingness Posted: July 21-August 5, 2022

Project advertised for Construction: August 2024


Major funding source: Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

Phase: Coming Soon

UPC: 113997

Lat/Long: 38.31818425870282, -77.4723086778848

Locality: Fredericksburg

Page last modified: March 25, 2023