Proposed: Route 17 and Route 610 (Woods Cross Road/Davenport Road) Intersection Improvement Project

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There's a proposed project to modify the Route 17 and Route 610 (Woods Cross Road/Davenport Road) intersection in Gloucester County to a Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) intersection to enhance safety. The purpose of the project is to reduce the risk of crashes with minimizing the number of conflict points or locations where vehicle paths intersect.

An RCUT is an innovative intersection designed where all side street movements begin with a right turn and prohibit left turns. Drivers will be directed to turn right from Woods Cross Road or Davenport Road onto Route 17 before making a U-Turn at designated locations. There are two proposed locations for the U-turns, one north and one south of the intersection. The designated U-turn locations are near the Route 17 and Woods Cross Road intersection giving drivers sufficient space and enough time to merge then crossover to the left lane. The U-turn locations are 0.16 of a mile north and south of the intersection. 

The RCUT intersection will improve safety and increase efficiency.

New signs and pavement markings will be installed to align with the new traffic pattern as part of the project.

The Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission submitted an application to fund the approximately $4 million project through Virginia’s SMART SCALE program. 

The application received the highest score of any other projects submitted through the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Fredericksburg District planning department. 

Preliminary Design Plan Sheet

SMART Scale Application 

Fredericksburg District Route 5 SMART Scale Scorecards  

What is an RCUT? 

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  • Improved safety: Reduces the number of points where vehicles cross paths and eliminates the potential for head-on crashes
  • Increased efficiency: Each direction of the major street can operate independently, creating two one-way streets and increasing the overall intersection capacity
  • Shorter wait times: Fewer traffic signal phases means less stopping for arterial vehicles and allowing only right turns from side street vehicles means less waiting
  • Cost-effective: An RCUT can be more cost effective than adding lanes to improve capacity


Phase: Proposed

Lat/Long: 37.478004, -76.616241

Locality: Gloucester

Page last modified: March 10, 2023