Coming Soon: Route 3 Operational Improvements

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This project will enhance capacity and improve traffic flow on Route 3 in Spotsylvania County.

The project will eliminate the right turn lane bump-out areas on Rt. 3 westbound between Route 639 (Bragg Road) and Chamber Drive. This will allow this lane to be used by through traffic and by traffic turning right. 

On Route 3 eastbound, a concrete island at the right turn lane to Mall Drive will be modified, and the right lane will become a shared through travel and right turn lane. Dual right turn lanes from northbound Mall Drive to Route 3 eastbound will be built, controlled by a dedicated traffic signal. 

Design Public Hearing 

A design public hearing on this project was held on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

Proposed Project Designs (below)

Route 3 Westbound at Bragg Road

Route 3 Westbound at Heatherstone Drive

Route 3 Westbound at Chamber Drive/Salem Church Road

Route 3 Eastbound at Mall Drive


  • Enhances vehicle capacity
  • Improves traffic flow


Phase: Coming Soon

UPC: 113172

Lat/Long: 38.294182, -77.519037

Locality: Spotsylvania

Page last modified: March 27, 2023