Recently Completed: Route 1 and Commonwealth Drive Park & Ride Commuter Lot


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This project built a new Park & Ride lot near Route 1 and Commonwealth Drive in Spotsylvania County's Massaponax area.

The lot provides 683 parking spaces. Within the total parking spaces, the lot has 14 accessible parking spaces, 10 motorcycle parking spaces, and a bicycle rack.

To support multimodal transportation and promote bicycle and pedestrian travel to the commuter lot, a 10-foot-wide shared use path was built along Route 1 and sidewalk was built along Commonwealth Drive.

Additional features:

  • Dedicated area for transit arrivals and departures with a passenger shelter
  • Carpools and vanpools have a separate pickup and dropoff lane
  • The pickup/dropoff lane is designed to accommodate slugging, which is an informal, instant carpooling practice where three or more people rideshare to use high-occupancy road facilities.

Primary lot access is from an entrance on Commonwealth Drive. A second right-in, right-out entrance is located on Route 1, south of Commonwealth Drive. 


  • Additional parking for ridesharing in the Fredericksburg area and along the I-95 corridor
  • Seeks to reduce congestion by encouraging travelers to carpool, vanpool or use transit

Major Milestones 

Construction begins: September 2021

Construction complete: May 2023


Phase: Construction

Lat/Long: 38°13'00.9

Locality: Spotsylvania

Page last modified: July 3, 2023