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Requesting Changes to an Existing Road’s Functional Classification

VDOT assigns all public roads within the Commonwealth of Virginia a functional classification based on the criteria and guidance provided by FHWA.  The functional classification assigned to a particular roadway is based on its function.  Over time, the function of a particular road may change and thus requires that its functional classification should also change. 

The channels to request a functional classification change differ based on the nature of the request and the person or entity making the request.  When a road’s function has changed or will change based on other infrastructure improvements, VDOT’s Transportation & Mobility Division receives the request to change the road’s functional classification.  Request for changes generally begin with local governments whether a City, Town or County or with a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  Requests from local governments within MPO areas should go through the MPO.  Citizens or developers that want a change must work through their local government’s technical staff and elected officials to request a change.  VDOT staff can also initiate a functional class change.  Other governmental agencies requesting a change, such as a transit agency, should work through VDOT, a MPO or a local government.

For specific procedures refer to pp. 13-19 of the VDOT publication, Functional Classification Comprehensive Guide.










Page last modified: Jan. 18, 2022