Recently Completed: Military Highway Continuous Flow Intersection

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The new Military Highway Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) added new lanes, new signals and a new high capacity intersection design to increase capacity and reduce congestion along this important corridor in Norfolk.

The project also:

• Widened Military Highway from a four-lane roadway to an eight-lane divided roadway from Lowery Road to Broad Creek

• Widened Military Highway from a four-lane roadway to a six-lane divided roadway from Broad Creek to Robin Hood Road

• Widened Northampton Boulevard and Princess Anne Road from four-lane divided roadways to six-lane divided roadways

• Added sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian islands and bike lanes (down Northampton Boulevard and
Princess Anne Road), increasing connectivity and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.


A continuous flow intersection is an at-grade, high-capacity intersection design that moves left-turning vehicles away from the main intersection, eliminating conflicts with opposing traffic.

Vehicles turning left cross the oncoming travel lanes and funnel into dedicated turn-lanes at a signalized location several hundred feet upstream of the main intersection. These left-turning vehicles can then proceed through the main intersection at the same time as oncoming through-traffic without conflict at the main intersection.

• Eliminating the dedicated left-turn phase improves the efficiency of the main intersection.

• Intersection safety is increased by minimizing stop-and-go conditions and reducing the number of conflict points at the main intersection.

• Federal studies show crash rates are reduced by almost 25 percent at intersections where a CFI has been installed.

Major Milestones 

The Military Highway CFI opened to motorists on July 28, 2018.


Phase: Completed

UPC: 1765

Lat/Long: 36.87508,-76.2076672,15.5z

Locality: Norfolk

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The Military Continuous Flow Intersection at Military Highway and Northampton Boulevard in October 2018. (Trevor Wrayton/VDOT)

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