In Design: Route 602 (Cemetery Road/Lee Street) Improvements

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The purpose of improving Route 602 is to extend the life of the road and improve driving conditions.


There will be two separate projects as follows:

Improvements planned for Route 602 (Cemetery Road) in Northampton County include rehabilitating the existing pavement and flattening the cross slope, which is the slope designed to facilitate drainage off the surface of the roadway. The project extends from the intersection with Route 183 (Occohannock Neck Road) to the Accomack County line, a length of approximately 1.2 miles.

Improvements planned for Route 602 (Lee Street) in Accomack County include addressing the existing width, curvature and drainage deficiencies. Paved 4-foot wide shoulders will be added to accommodate bicycle riders. The project extends from the Northampton County line, east to the intersection with Route 178 (Belle Haven Road), a length of approximately 0.55 miles.

Route 602 is classified as a Rural Major Collector with a current average daily traffic (ADT) of 617 vehicles. The ADT is projected to be 750 vehicles per day in design year 2038 and 800 vehicles per day in design year 2045.

The posted speed limit is 45 mph for most of the roadway with a 25 mph speed limit for 0.25 miles at the eastern end of Lee Street in Belle Haven, Accomack County.

Major Milestones 

  • Acquiring the necessary right of way and utility easements was completed April 2021.
  • Relocation of utilities prior to construction was completed in April 2022.
  • Construction is estimated to begin fall 2023.


Contact Info:

Hampton Roads Communications

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Phase: In Design

Lat/Long: 37.551091, -75.821604

Locality: Accomack and Northampton

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Route 602 (Lee Street, background) at the intersection with Route 178 (Belle Haven Road, foreground) in Belle Haven, Accomack County.
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