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STARS Route 13 (Lankford Highway) Corridor Improvement Study

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About the Study

This STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) study is assessing operational and safety conditions along Route 13 (Lankford Highway) from Redwood Road/Coastal Boulevard to Taylor Road in Accomack County).

This study will propose alternatives and technical solutions to mitigate safety issues, to improve traffic operations, and to alleviate congestion. The proposed solutions can then be programmed into the VDOT Six‐Year Improvement Program (SYIP).

The following intersections, as shown in Figure 1, are included in the study area:

  1. Route 13 at Taylor Road (Unsignalized)
  2. Route 13 at Cooperative Way/Overpass Drive (Unsignalized)
  3. Route 13 at Chesapeake Square Shopping Mall (Signalized)
  4. Route 13 at Market Street/W. Main Street (Signalized)
  5. Route 13 at Bank Street (Signalized)
  6. Route 13 at Washington Street (Unsignalized)
  7. Route 13 at Redwood Road/Coastal Boulevard (Signalized)

Proposed pedestrian accommodations will aim to improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users, and enhance connectivity along Route 13 in the Town of Onley.

Figure 1

Public Involvement Opportunities

This study comprises two surveys. The first survey will gather public input on existing deficiencies along the study corridor. Following the first survey, a second survey will gather public input on potential recommendations during the concept development stage of the project. Both surveys will be conducted via MetroQuest.

Click the image below to take the second survey regarding the Route 13 (Lankford Highway) corridor and potential improvements to this area. This second survey is available through Dec. 17, 2021. 

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