Studies: South Amherst Highway (Business 29) Corridor Study, Amherst County

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is studying ways to improve access management and provide recommendations for improvements on South Amherst Highway (Business 29) in the Madison Heights area of Amherst County. The study extends from South Coolwell Road to Old Town Connector, just north of the Lynchburg city limits.

The purpose of this study is to identify and develop potential transportation improvements within the study area. The study will investigate traffic patterns, existing plans, and community needs when developing recommendations.

The South Amherst Highway corridor study area extends from South Coolwell Road to Old Town Connector. The study area includes 14 intersections and is about 4 miles in length.


A corridor study has been requested to identify investment recommendations that will help improve traffic safety and operations by reconfiguring or limiting access points onto South Amherst Highway. The corridor was selected for this study because of its role as one of the Commonwealth’s major north/south corridors as well as a major point of ingress and egress for Downtown Lynchburg.   

Major Milestones 

Begin date - Fall 2020

Estimated completion date - Fall 2021


Contact Info:

Rick Youngblood

Phase: Traffic and crash data collection

Lat/Long: 37.4415356,-79.1234572,16

Locality: Amherst

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