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Lynchburg Projects

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Under Construction

Route 131, Old Courthouse Road, Appomattox
Old Courthouse Road

Route 15 Roundabout at Route 360, Charlotte County

Route 311 Connector Road, Pittsylvania County
Route 311 Connector Road

Coming Soon

None at this time.


Candlers Mountain Road Corridor Study, City of Lynchburg
Candlers Mountain Road

Halifax Transportation Safety and Operations Study

Piney Forest Road Corridor Study

Project Pipeline Studies - Lynchburg District

Riverside Drive (US 58 Business) Corridor Improvement Study
Riverside Drive (US 58 Business) Corridor Improvement Study

Route 15 STARS Safety and Operational Improvements Study

Route 151 Corridor Study - Nelson County

Route 29 Corridor Assessment, Campbell County

Route 501 Corridor Study, Campbell and Halifax Counties

Route 60 Corridor Study
Route 60

Route 653, Nelson County, Section 106 Process
Route 653

South Amherst Highway Corridor Study

South Boston Transportation Safety and Operations Study

Timberlake Road Corridor Improvement Study
Timberlake Road Study

US 501/US 221 Intersection Improvement Project, City of Lynchburg

Village Highway (VA Route 24) Corridor Improvement Study

Wards Ferry Road (Lynchburg) Corridor Study/Intersection Improvement Project

Wards Road Corridor STARS Study, Lynchburg


Route 29 and Route 703 Tightsqueeze (Pittsylvania County)

In Design

Candlers Mountain Road Interchange, City of Lynchburg
Candlers Mountain Road Interchange

Laxton Road & Bee Drive Sidewalk Project, Campbell County

Route 29 (Wards Road) and Route 699 (Gladys Road) Intersection Improvement Project
RCUT (Restricted Crossing U-Turn)

Route 29 and Route 151 Intersection Improvements (Amherst County)
Intersection Improvements

Route 29 and Route 642 Intersection Safety Improvement Project
Intersection Safety Improvement Project

Route 311 (Berry Hill Road) Connector Road Extension

Route 45, Cartersville Road at Route 690 roundabout, Cumberland County
Route 45 at Route 690 roundabout

Route 501 and Route BUS 360 Intersection Improvement Project, Halifax County

Wards Ferry Road and CVCC Campus Drive Intersection Improvement Project

Recently Completed

Odd Fellows Road Interchange, Segment B2, City of Lynchburg

Route 15 at Route 636, Buckingham County

Route 15 at Route 665, Prince Edward County

Route 151 shoulder widening, Amherst County

Route 29, Main Street, Towns of Altavista and Hurt
Altavista Bridge

Route 501, Brookneal Highway Shoulder Widening, Campbell County

Route 501, L P Bailey Hwy, Passing Lane, Halifax County

Route 58 over Route 311, Pittsylvania County

Route 60, Buckingham County

Route 622 Reconstruction, Campbell County

Route 682, Woody's Lake Road, Amherst County

US 460 at Route 307 intersection improvements, Prince Edward County

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