Studies: Riverside Drive (US 58 Business) Corridor Improvement Study

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The Riverside Drive Corridor Improvement Study focused on a 3.2-mile long segment of Riverside Drive from North Main Street to the intersection at the Honda dealership entrance and Riverview Dental Care west of Piedmont Drive in the City of Danville, which does not have a traffic signal. VDOT identified Riverside Drive (US Route 58 Business) in the City of Danville as a STARS corridor because of safety and access concerns. The corridor has a high density of signalized intersections, no signal median openings, and driveways.


The study conducted safety and operational analyses and developed recommendations to better manage access, improve safety, and address operational issues in the study area.

Major Milestones 

Intersections studied along Riverside Drive:

  • Honda Dealership • Camelot Court Exist
  • Piedmont Drive Northbound Ramp • Camelot Court Entrance
  • Park Avenue • Courtyard Entrance
  • Riverview Drive • Audubon Drive
  • Riverside Center • Median Opening at NAPA Auto Parts
  • Westover Drive • Median Opening at Los Mariachi’s
  • Old Riverside Drive • Median Opening at Riverside Produce
  • Commerce Street • Arnett Boulevard
  • Mt Cross Road • Median opening between Arnett and Locust Lane
  • Piney Forest Road • Henry Street
  • Courtland Street • Highland Court
  • Neal Court • Keen Street
  • North Main Street


Contact Info:

David Cook, Project Manager

Lat/Long: 36.5803, -79.4351 to 36.5911, -79.3873

Locality: Danville

Page last modified: Jan. 31, 2023