In Design: Route 29 and Route 642 Intersection Safety Improvement Project


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Route 642, Shula Drive, currently intersects with US Route 29, in an at grade intersection. Shula Drive continues on both the east and west sides of US 29. Traffic on Shula Drive must cross all four lanes of US 29. There have been a significant number of accidents and fatalities at this location. Intersection improvement options have been considered for this site.

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These changes would eliminate the need for motorists on Shula to cross all four lanes of Route 29, making navigating the area safer. Traffic heading south and wanting to go east on Shula can make a left turn from Route 29 onto Shula. Traffic heading north and wanting to go west on Shula Drive will travel approximately one mile north, exit Route 29 to Route 29 Business/Route 988 (Highwayview Road), and then make a much safer left turn leading them to westbound Shula Drive.

Major Milestones 

Design Approval - March 14, 2023


Contact Info:

Raina Rosado, P.E.

UPC: 115491

State ID: 0029-071-822

Federal ID: STP-071-3(043)

Lat/Long: 37.064706, -79.342174

Locality: Pittsylvania

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