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The primary goal of this study is to provide localities with cost effective innovative intersection design improvements that are tailored for submission as SMART SCALE applications. In addition to recommended intersection improvements, this study will also perform a safety analysis for three (3) high crash density segments as well as a high level multi-lane analysis to determine how many lanes are necessary to maintain current Level of Service now and in the future.

The study will identify investment recommendations that will help preserve and enhance this key transportation corridor due to the important role it plays in the region as a significant freight and tourism corridor serving Central Virginia; a vital link within the Commonwealth’s highway network, and a key east-west facility across the Commonwealth.

This study of US 60 is a 103-mile corridor study through the Counties of Powhatan, Cumberland, Nelson,
Appomattox, Buckingham, and Amherst and will serve as an update to a 1999 study of the same corridor which had a horizon year of 2020.

Public Comment

The purpose of this web page is to provide the public with the opportunity to review the draft recommendations for potential corridor improvements on the Route 60 corridor in Amherst, Appomattox, Buckingham, Cumberland, Nelson, and Powhatan Counties that will enhance safety and capacity along the corridor while balancing the needs of economic development and access management. 

MetroQuest Survey Now Closed

A survey to collect more public feedback was available through MetroQuest beginning May 20, 2020. The survey closed on June 3, 2020.

U.S. 60 Corridor Study Recommendations

This video (updated 5/20/2020) provides an overview of work completed to date with a focus on the plan recommendations and associated benefits of those recommendations.

The presentation from the video may also be downloaded.

The U.S. 60 Corridor Study Travel Times and Levels of Service Report, available at this link, provides travel time index and level of service data for existing, no build, and build conditions. The report includes 17 segments of U.S. 60 between the Powhatan/Chesterfield county line and the town of Amherst’s eastern limit.

In response to citizen comments received at the initial round of public meetings, VDOT authorized the completion of a Roadway Safety Audit for the two-lane segment of US 60 between US 522 and State Route 601. This included site visits, and a review of volumes, crash history, operations, road conditions, and geometric features. This video illustrates data captured during the Roadway Safety Audit process. Note: This video does not contain audio.

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VDOT’s Arterial Preservation Program:

VDOT's Arterial Management Plans:

Innovative Intersections:



A set of eleven stakeholders have been identified. The stakeholders include: 

  • Powhatan County
  • Cumberland County
  • Nelson County
  • Appomattox County
  • Buckingham County
  • Amherst County 
  • Richmond Regional Planning District Commission
  • Commonwealth Regional Council
  • Region 2000 Local Government Council
  • Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission
  • Virginia Department of Transportation


Improve safety and capacity along the corridor while balancing the needs of economic development and access management. 


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Darrel Johnson

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Phase: Study

Lat/Long: 37.741019, -79.302287

Locality: Amherst , Appomattox , Buckingham , Cumberland , Nelson , and Powhatan

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