Studies: Route 501 Corridor Study, Campbell and Halifax Counties

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The purpose of this study is to determine how to increase safety and improve traffic flow within a 42-mile corridor of Route 501 in Campbell and Halifax Counties through a variety of localized improvements.  

Improvement options:

  • Passing Zones - legal passing area along a two-lane highway depicted by dashed pavement markings
  • Passing Lanes - additional travel lane added in one direction 
  • Left Turn Lane - additional third lane which allows for storage of a vehicle attempting a left turn.  It is normally built within 50 to 100 feet of an intersection
  • Right Turn Lane - additional third lane which allows a vehicle making a right turn to slow down and safely maneuver the turn without impacting operations in the main travel lanes 
  • Wider Shoulders
  • Intersection Lighting 
  • Signage Improvements 
  • Horizontal Alignment Improvements 
  • Vertical Alignment Improvements/Improved Sight Distance

The Final Study



   The study provided decision makers with improvement options for consideration. 


Contact Info:

Brian Casto

Phase: Studies

Lat/Long: 37.375985, -79.126612

Locality: Campbell and Halifax

Page last modified: March 25, 2023