Recently Completed: Route 682, Woody's Lake Road, Amherst County


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The purpose of this project is to reconstruct Route 682, Woody’s Lake Road in Amherst County. The project will consist of reconstruction of two 11 foot lanes with 4 foot shoulders (2 foot paved and 2 foot graded) and variable width ditches.

Woody’s Lake Road serves a collection of large neighborhoods, access to a middle school, community center, baseball and football facility and to major retailers in the southern portion of the county. The road, connected to a corridor of statewide significance, is heavily traveled. Traffic volumes and development are expected to grow along the corridor.

Currently, the road is narrow, curvy and uneven which creates difficulties for motorists and pedestrians.


The project will improve safety along this corridor.


Contact Info:

Raina Rosado, P.E.

UPC: 109550

State ID: 0682-005-703, P101, R201, C501

Federal ID: STP-5118(258)

Lat/Long: 37.484848, -79.117926

Locality: Amherst

Page last modified: Feb. 10, 2023