Recently Completed: Route 711 (Tardy Mountain Road) over Norfolk Southern Railway, Campbell County

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The primary purpose of this project was to replace the bridge and necessary approaches on Route 711 (Tardy Mountain Road) bridge over Norfolk Southern Railroad. 

The existing bridge was a single lane structure with reduced roadway width and an 8-ton weight restriction. The new bridge is a two-lane truss bridge on the same alignment with slight improvements to the alignment toward Route 682 (Leesville Road). The new bridge isapproximately 184 feet long and 22 feet wide.


   This project replaced a single lane bridge with a weight restriction and improve alignment.


Contact Info:

Veljibhai Desai

Major funding source: State of Good Repair

Phase: Delivery

UPC: 82510

State ID: 0711-015-320, P101, R201, C501, B650

Federal ID: BR-015-3(053)

Lat/Long: 37.261535, -79.108868

Locality: Campbell

Page last modified: March 18, 2020