Studies: South Amherst Highway Corridor Study

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The South Amherst Highway (US 29 Business) corridor between South Coolwell Road and Old Town Connector in Amherst County is the focus of this study. Multiple intersections and segments on the corridor require investigation to improve safety but maintain operations and support long-term economic development. 

Intersections studied along South Amherst Highway:

• S Coolwell Road

• Winesap Road

• Dixie Airport Road

• Amer Circle

• Clearview Road

• Elon Road/Amelon Road

• Woody’s Lake Road

• Dillard Road

• Grove Avenue

• Lakeview Drive

• Seminole Drive

• Lyttelton Lane/S Amherst Highway (local)

• River James Shopping Center

• Business Route 29 Ramps on Old Town Connector

Lat/Long of the Study area: 37.4221, -79.1227 to 37.4828, -79.1189

Locality: Amherst County


This study seeks to identify and evaluate solutions to address the safety issues on the corridor and implement solutions that support local and regional goals.


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South Amherst Highway Corridor Study

Lat/Long: 37.453482, -79.121807

Locality: Amherst

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