Recently Completed: US 460 East Bypass, Appomattox County

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This project was located on the US 460 East Bypass in Appomattox County.

The project entailed the rubblization, and in certain areas, the removal of concrete pavement, and subsequent paving with asphalt concrete. This also included the ramps, acceleration and deceleration lanes and paved shoulders, all associated with eastbound traffic. Rubblization involved fracturing the concrete into reusable components saving time, money and resources.

In addition to the reconstruction, all guardrail and drop inlets were upgraded, slopes reshaped, and where necessary, underdrains replaced.


This project improved the rideability and longevity of the roadway.


Contact Info:

Velji Desai, P.E.

UPC: 1112253

Lat/Long: 37.372726, -78.814447

Locality: Appomattox

Page last modified: Jan. 31, 2019