Under Construction: Parking Garage Repairs over I-66 in Arlington County

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Please note: Construction is underway.

The project is repairing and rehabilitating the three-story parking garage over eastbound and westbound I-66 between Stafford Street and Quincy Street near Washington-Liberty High School. Improvements include garage platform and ramp repairs with joint replacement, repairs to beams and columns, and partial removal of the elastomeric bearing sheets.

The concrete garage was built in 1982.

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering: $340,000 
Construction: $3.6 million
Total: $3.9 million

The project is financed with state funding.


The project will improve the longevity of the structure.  

Major Milestones 

Virtual Public Involvement - October-November 2022
Advertise for Construction - June 2023
Award Construction Contract - August 2023
Begin Construction - November 2023
Final Completion - Late 2024


Contact Info:

Mohsen Naoui, P.E.

Mary Martin, P.E., CCM

Major funding source: State

Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 120554

State ID: 0066-000-928, B634, P102

Federal ID: NHPP-BR09 (315)

Lat/Long: 38.889259, -77.109875

Locality: Arlington

Page last modified: Nov. 15, 2023