I-395 Ramp Replacement Bridge Investment Program Grant

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is seeking federal grant funding of $39 million to complete the $58 million ramp replacement under the 2022 USDOT Bridge Investment Program (BIP). This grant request will allow Virginia to replace the fracture-critical, structurally deficient bridge from southbound I-395 to southbound Route 1 with an at-grade intersection. 

The I-395 Ramp (Federal Bridge ID. 110, VA Bridge ID. 000-1042) is in Arlington County (VA) and carries southbound traffic from I-395 to Route 1. The I-395 Ramp Replacement project is a critical step towards transforming the Route 1 corridor from an elevated freeway to an at-grade urban boulevard linking Crystal City’s east and west neighborhoods. The bridge was built in 1976 and refurbished in 1999. Based on 2019 data, the bridge carries 23,000 vehicles per day. The I-395 Ramp Replacement project will create a space for drivers to adjust from the fast-paced I-395 highway to the slower, multimodal Route 1 urban boulevard. 

The existing bridge is nearing the end of its service life and significant investments are required to replace the structure. Emergency maintenance and repairs are ongoing due to the fracture- critical design of the bridge. This project will remove a bridge that is nearing the end of its service life and replace it with a more resilient at-grade intersection that better meets the transportation needs of all users in this area.

Page last modified: March 27, 2023