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Richmond Highway

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More info on the legend 

Richmond Highway Legend
This map reflects plans as of April 2022.

Intersection Improvements:
Click the red circles for details at each location.

Proposed Right of Way: As of the most recent plans, property that VDOT may need to purchase to complete the project. P
roperty impact information is preliminary in nature and subject to change as the design is refined. Learn more about how VDOT will work with property owners as the design is finalized. 

Proposed Permanent Drainage Easement: VDOT would compensate the owner for an agreement to install and periodically access to maintain proposed. The property owner would retain ownership.  

Proposed Temporary Easement: VDOT would compensate the owner to use this area during construction, typically for slope reconstruction. The property owner would retain ownership, with easements released once construction is complete.

Proposed Curb: New curb to be constructed.

Potential Soundwall: Locations of potential reasonable and feasible noise walls as indicated in the preliminary noise study.

Existing Right of Way: Property that VDOT owns.

Proposed Sidewalk: Facility for walking, separate from proposed bike path.

Lane Arrows: Denotes number of lanes, turn lanes and direction of travel.

Building Footprints: Denotes existing building locations.

Proposed Grass Area: Locations of grassy areas adjacent to concrete curb and/or curb and gutter.

Pavement Marking: Denotes number of lanes, turn lanes and direction of travel.

Existing Easement: Property that VDOT, Fairfax County or utility companies does not own, but holds an agreement with the owner to periodically access for maintenance such as utilities or drainage structures.

Proposed Bike Path: Facility for biking, separate from proposed sidewalk.

Future Fairfax County Bus Rapid Transit: Denotes areas reserved for construction of Fairfax County’s future dedicated bus-only lanes.

Proposed Bridge: Proposed location of bridges once improvements are complete.

Potential Stormwater Management: Proposed stormwater management treatment facilities.

Existing Stormwater Management: Current stormwater management treatment facilities.

Proposed Road: Proposed footprint of final pavement.

Existing Property Lines: Boundary lines between properties.

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