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Centreville Road (Route 28) STARS Safety and Operational Improvements Study

Blooms Quarry Lane to the Fairfax County line in Prince William County

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Project at a Glance
Begin Date
July 2019

Est Completion Date
Winter 2019/20


$284,000 (Study only)

Lengths and Limits
Blooms Quarry Ln to Fairfax Co Line (2 mi)

Prince William

Northern Virginia

Terrell Hughes, P.E.

Robert Iosco
Special Projects

About the Study

Note: A second public information meeting was held Nov. 20. 

Meeting Materials and Displays:

This STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) study is assessing potential safety and operational improvements along two miles of Centreville Road (Route 28) between Blooms Quarry Lane and the Fairfax County line. 

Currently, this segment of Centreville Road experiences severe congestion in the morning and evening peak periods. 

The concepts being studied will be based on public input and may include improving:

  • Traffic signal timing and operations
  • Turn lanes
  • Access management for properties along the corridor including new medians

Other concepts being studied may also include Innovative Intersections (potential examples include roundabouts and overpasses) and pedestrian enhancements including crosswalks and new sidewalks.

Route 28 averages 54,000 vehicles a day within the study limits.

Begin Study - July 2019
First Public Information Meeting - September 2019
Second Public Information Meeting - November 2019
Study Completion - Winter 2019/20


Second Public Information Meeting - November 2019 (Ad)

Meeting Materials and Displays:

First Public Information Meeting - September 2019 (Ad)

Meeting Materials and Displays

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