Under Construction: Hunter Mill Road over Colvin Run Bridge Replacement in Fairfax County

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This project is replacing the weight-restricted (ten tons) one-lane Hunter Mill Road bridge over Colvin Run. The bridge was originally built in 1974. The new bridge will have two lanes separated by a median/splitter island.

The project also includes:

  • An improved trail crossing south of the bridge
  • Landscaping in the median/splitter island 
  • Abutments for a new trail bridge over Colvin Run (Fairfax County will construct the trail bridge in the future)

Hunter Mill Road averages 8,500 vehicles a day within the project limits based on 2019 data.

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering - $1 million
Construction - $4.2 million
Total: $5.2 million

This project is financed with federal, state (including State of Good Repair funds used for bridges) and Fairfax County funding.


The project aims to reduce congestion and improve operations and safety.

Major Milestones 

Public Information Meeting - April 2018
Virtual Public Involvement - May/June 2020
Virtual Design Public Hearing - September 2020
Advertise for Construction - February 2021
Award Construction Contract - April 2021
Begin Construction - August 2021
Final Completion - Fall 2022


Contact Info:

Oscar Jamilla, DPE, PMP

Chan Basnayake, P.E., PMP, CCM

Project Photos

Other relevant links:

Construction Start News Release - August 2021

Project Plans - June 2020

Conceptual Bridge Replacement Study Report - October 2017

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Major funding source: State of Good Repair

Phase: Under Construction

UPC: 110499, 110433

State ID: 0674-029-358, P101, B643

Federal ID: STP-BR09 (295)

Lat/Long: 38.965604, -77.309634

Locality: Fairfax

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