Recently Completed: Route 27 over Route 110 Bridge Rehabilitation in Arlington County

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This project rehabilitated the Route 27 (Washington Boulevard) bridge over Route 110 (Richmond Highway). The bridge was built in 1941.  

In addition to structural enhancements, project improvements included:

  • New shared-use path on east side of bridge and reconstructed sidewalk on west side.
  • Decorative wrought-iron picket fencing.
  • Low-level LED pedestrian lighting.
  • Gateway pillars featuring signature medallions honoring the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy.

Within the project limits, Route 27 averages up to 70,000 vehicles a day and Route 110 averages up to 62,000.

Estimated Costs:
Preliminary Engineering: $2.5 million
Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation: $26,000
Construction: $29 million
Total: $31.5 million

This project was financed with federal and state funding.

Top: Rendering of future Route 27 looking east
Bottom: Rendering of future Route 110 looking north

Route 27 over Route 110 bridge renderings


This project aimed to improve safety and accessibility for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians and extend the overall life of the bridge.

Major Milestones 

Design Public Hearing - February 2013
Begin Construction - March 2015
Final Completion - May 2019

In July 2018, westbound Route 27 traffic was shifted to the left (closer to the middle of the bridge) to allow for installation of railing and pedestrian fence along the west side of the bridge.

In December 2017, the permanent shared-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians along eastbound Route 27 opened. In addition, eastbound Route 27 traffic shifted to the right onto the newly constructed portion of the bridge, allowing crews to demolish the middle portion of the original bridge and rebuild it. 


Contact Info:

Yusaf Masud, P.E.

Project Photos

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Phase: Recently Completed

UPC: 82131

State ID: 0027-000-102, P101, R201, C501, B603

Federal ID: BR-5401 (739), BR-5A01 (462), BR-5A01 (569)

Lat/Long: 38.876635,-77.057118

Locality: Arlington

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March 2019
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March 2019
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March 2019
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March 2019
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Permanent shared-use path along eastbound Route 27 prior to opening to bicyclists and pedestrians - December 2017
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New pier stone - May 2017
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Post-completion of original bridge deck demolition - April 2017
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Concrete placement for abutment caissons - April 2017
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Pre-construction bridge deck condition - October 2011
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Bridge prior to construction, looking south from Route 110
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Bridge prior to construction, looking north from Route 110

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