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Route 28 and Dulles Toll Road/Dulles Greenway Study

Safety and operational improvements in the vicinity of the Dulles Toll Road/Dulles Greenway interchange

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Project at a Glance
Begin Date
February 2019

Est Completion Date
Spring 2021



Lengths and Limits
Frying Pan Rd to
Sterling Blvd (3 mi)

Fairfax and Loudoun

Northern Virginia

Abraham Lerner, P.E.
Susan Shaw, P.E.

About the Study

This study will assess traffic operations and safety and develop mitigation measures for the Route 28 corridor in the vicinity of the Dulles Toll Road/Dulles Greenway interchange (the "Project"), from Route 665 (Frying Pan Road) in Fairfax County to Route 846 (Sterling Boulevard) in Loudoun County. The study will identify safety and operational improvements, both short- and long-term, recognizing the complexity of this area, the multimodal nature of the corridors, the closely spaced interchanges, and the mutual interests of all parties to improve travel through this area in a safe and efficient manner. 

The study is being conducted with technical and financial participation from Fairfax County, Loudoun County, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) and Toll Road Investors Partnership II (TRIP II).

At the interchange, Route 28 averages 155,000 vehicles a day, the Dulles Toll Road averages 83,000 and the Dulles Greenway averages 46,000.

Final Report and Appendices (April 2021)

Executive Summary - PDF, 95MB
Full Report - PDF, 537MB
Appendix A to F - Existing Conditions Combined - PDF, 30MB
Appendix G - 2025 No-Build Sensitivity Analysis - Eastbound Route 267 Widening - PDF, 5.6MB
Appendix H - 2025 No-Build Sensitivity Analysis - Delay Start to HOV-3 Enforcement - PDF, 1.1MB
Appendix I - 2025 No-Build Traffic Forecasting Memo - PDF, 2.5MB
Appendix J - 2025 No-Build Conditions Operational Analysis Results - PDF, 3MB
Appendix K - 2045 No-Build Traffic Forecasting Memo - PDF, 3.1MB
Appendix L - 2045 No-Build Conditions Operational Analysis Results - PDF, 15MB
Appendix M - Alternatives Development Summary-2019-11-26 - PDF, 8.5MB
Appendix N - 2045 Build Alternatives Traffic Forecasting Memo - PDF, 24MB
Appendix O - 2045 Build Alts Operational Analysis Results - PDF, 2.3MB
Appendix P - Route 28-Outreach-Summary-Final - PDF, 7.5MB
Appendix Q - 2025 and 2045 Build Preferred Alternative Traffic Forecasting Memo - PDF, 4MB
Appendix R - 2045 Build Preferred Alternative Operational Analysis Results - PDF, 21MB
Appendix S - STARS One-Page Summary Sheets - PDF, 1.7MB
Appendix T - 2025 Build Preferred Alt (Near-Term) Operational Analysis Results - PDF, 500KB
Project Review and Comment Resolution Form - PDF, 336KB
Comments and Responses for Draft Final Report (February 2021) - PDF, 2MB

Virtual Public Meeting and Survey Results

A virtual public meeting was held consisting of a narrated presentation video, project brochure, graphics of different improvement alternatives and the recommended preferred alternative, and other reference materials that were made available on the project website. Materials also included an online survey to solicit input on various alternatives. View a summary of outreach efforts and results of the survey here. View the presentation and materials in the below section.

Virtual Meeting Materials and Other Project Resources

Overview Brochure - PDF, 722KB
Project Presentation (Narrated) - Video
Project Presentation (Non-narrated) - PDF, 13MB
Alternatives Matrix - PDF, 2MB
Preferred Alternative - PDF, 38.6MB
Alternative 1 - PDF, 43.6MB
Alternative 2 - PDF, 43.7MB
Alternative 3 - PDF, 43.8MB
Alternative 3 Option B - PDF, 43.8MB
Future Programmed/Funded Transportation Projects - PDF, 2.4MB
Press Release July 2, 2020 - Website
Route 28 Outreach Summary - PDF, 7.5MB
Presentation to Commonwealth Transportation Board, September 2019 - PDF, 641KB

Provide Your Comments

Comments and questions about the Route 28 Dulles Toll Road Greenway Study can be sent by:

  • Emailing (reference Route 28 DTR Greenway Study in the subject line)
  • Mailing to VDOT’s Northern Virginia District Office, 4975 Alliance Drive, Fairfax, Va 22030, attention Abi Lerner, P.E., Project Manager.

Project Numbers
State: 0028-96A-582
UPC: 116298

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