Megaprojects - Under construction: Richmond - I-95 Bridge Rehabilitations

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The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate five bridges over I-95 in the City of Richmond. Bridge superstructure replacements and minor substructure repairs will be done on the North 1st Street, North 4th Street, North 5th Street, North 7th Street and East Broad Street overpasses. 

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This project will replace the bridge superstructures (e.g. steel beams and parapets) and rehabilitate the substructures (e.g. abutments and piers) which will extend the life cycle of the bridges. The project will also raise the vertical clearance under the bridges on I-95 to 15 feet to reduce bridge strikes.

These five bridges will be done as a design-build project. This will place the responsibility for the design and construction of a project on a single entity. The design-build team constructs the project while the design is still underway. This will expedite the project delivery by approximately 14 months.


Phase: Under construction

UPC: 111300; 111294; 113375; 113388; 118484

State ID: U000-127-023, P101, R201, C501, B601; 004-127-051, P101, R201, C501; U000-127-023, P101, B661; 0250-127-050, P101, R201, C501; 9999-127-107, P101, R201, C501, B602

Federal ID: STP-BR04(287); NHPP-064-3(510); NHPP-BR04(307); NHPP-BR04(308); NHPP-5A27(784)

Lat/Long: 37.544320, -77.428087

Locality: Richmond

Page last modified: April 27, 2022