Recently Completed: Henrico - Intersection Improvements at Patterson Avenue and Parham Road

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The purpose of this project is to improve intersection capacity at Parham Road and Patterson Avenue by providing extra turn lanes and vehicle storage. On Patterson Avenue, dual left turn lanes are proposed in both directions as well as the extension of the eastbound right turn lane. On Parham Road, dual left turn lanes and a right turn lane heading northbound are proposed. Extra vehicle storage will be added to the southbound left turn lane by closing the median at Wetherly Drive.

The signal at the intersection will be replaced and updated. Pedestrian sidewalk will be provided along Parham Road on the east side south of Patterson Avenue and on the west side north of Patterson Avenue.

At the intersection crosswalks are going to be provided to cross both Patterson Avenue and Parham Road. Median closures and turn restrictions will be implemented at certain locations for access management.

Intersection Improvements at Patterson Avenue and Parham Road


Intersection Improvements


Contact Info:

Jeremy Cobb

Phase: Recently Completed

UPC: 101034

State ID: 0006-043-760,P101, R201, C501

Lat/Long: 37.594678, -77.566281

Locality: Henrico

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