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Hopewell/Prince George - Route 36 (Hopewell-Oaklawn Boulevard) STARS Study

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
July 2019

Est Completion Date
February 2020


Lengths and Limits
Approximately 1 mile from Jefferson Park Road to Route 144

Hopewell and Prince George


Jacob Herrman


This study is evaluating the existing and projected future conditions of Route 36 between Jefferson Park Road and Route 144 in the City of Hopewell. The study will focus on assessing measures and recommending improvements to address congestion, operational and safety issues.

Project Boards

Alternative 1 - Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT) at Crossings Boulevard and Tri-Cities Boulevard

Alternative 2 - Median U-Turn (MUT) at Crossings Boulevard and Tri-Cities Boulevard

Alternative 3 - RCUT at Crossings Boulevard and Median Closure at Tri-Cities Boulevard

Alternative 4 - RCUT at Crossings Boulevard and U-Turn at Tri-Cities Boulevard

Alternatives Comparison Chart


The study will identify potential improvements to enhance the safety, operations and flow of Route 36 between Jefferson Park Road and Route 144.

Public involvement

An online survey was available to accept public comments. The survey closed on March 17, 2020.

A public meeting was held on February 27, 2020. Visit for details.

More Information

To learn more about innovative intersections and interchanges that may be identified as a need during this study, visit VDOT's Innovative Intersections and Interchanges website. Learn more about STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) studies at

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