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US 58 Arterial Preservation Plan

Mecklenburg County/Town of South Hill/Brunswick County
Project at a Glance
Begin Date
June 2017

Est Completion Date
September 2019

Michael Baker International

Brunswick and Mecklenburg


Jacob Herrman


The purpose of an Arterial Preservation Plan is to develop a holistic approach that identifies ways to ensure the safety and preserve the capacity of the Commonwealth’s arterial highway network without wide scale roadway widenings. This Arterial Preservation Plan was requested to identify investment recommendations that will help preserve and enhance this key transportation corridor due to the important role it plays in the region as a significant tourism corridor, a key freight corridor serving the Port of Virginia, a vital link within the Commonwealth, and a key facility for coastal evacuation and connections to North Carolina and points south. 

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Localities involved in the study include the Town of Clarksville, Town of Boydton, Town of South Hill, Town of La Crosse, Town of Brodnax, Town of Lawrenceville, Mecklenburg County, Brunswick County, along with the Southside Planning District Commission.

Lengths and Limits:

The study area traverses Brunswick and Mecklenburg Counties in the Richmond construction district and extends from the Hampton Roads construction district boundary at the Greensville/Brunswick corporate limits to the western termini at the Lynchburg construction district boundary at the Mecklenburg/Halifax corporate limits. The study area is 65.7 miles in length.

Status/Current Activities:

Traffic and crash data collection have been completed.  A site field review was conducted to identify safety and geometric deficiencies.  Study concepts have been developed based on input received from the public and study stakeholders. The finalized arterial preservation plan is now available:


Appendix A: US 58 Arterial Preservation Plan Recommendations Figures 1-18

Appendix A: US 58 Arterial Preservation Plan Recommendations Figures 19-41

Appendix B: Field Review

Appendix C: Infrastructure Inventory

Appendix D: US 58 Intersection Volumes

Appendix E: US 58 Intersection Operations

Appendix F: Town of South Hill Memorandum

Public Meetings:

A public meeting was held in January 2019 to inform citizens about the study and seek citizen feedback regarding issues and concerns along the corridor.

A public meeting was held in September 2019 to update citizens on study findings and collect additional feedback. 

September Meeting Materials: 

Route 58 Arterial Management Plan - Welcome

Route 58 Arterial Management Plan - Overview

Route 58 Arterial Management Plan - Presentation

Index Board, Figures 1-10, 11-20, 21-3031-41

Interchange Boards with Location Maps

East Side Roundabout Concept

Country Lane Concept

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