In Design: Henrico - West Broad Street (Route 250) Pedestrian and Transit Improvements - Pemberton Road to Parham Road

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The proposed project will provide sidewalks, improvements to signalized intersections, improvements to bus stops, and adjustments to median breaks to create accessible multimodal connectivity and improve safety on the Route 250 corridor between Pemberton Road and Parham Road. This project will fill in gaps between existing sidewalk to provide continuous pedestrian connectivity. Additionally, countdown pedestrian signals, pedestrian push buttons and marked pedestrian crossings will be installed at signalized intersections to facilitate pedestrian movement across West Broad Street.

The proposed project will improve existing bus stops along the corridor, including amenities such as landing pads, benches, shelters, and bike racks; depending on ridership for each stop. The bus transit improvements are being installed to allow for increased accessibility and to encourage mode choice and ridership.

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Proposed improvements will increase accessibility, encourage transportation mode choice, and increase safety along the West Broad Street (Route 250) corridor between Pemberton Road and Parham Road.


Contact Info:

William Wheeler, Project Manager


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Phase: In design

UPC: 115417

State ID: 0250-043-967, P101, R201, C501

Federal ID: NHPP-5A27(697)

Lat/Long: 37.635769, -77.548426

Locality: Henrico

Page last modified: Jan. 30, 2023