Recently Completed: Interstate 77 Safety Improvements - Carroll County

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The purpose of this project is to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes during reduced visibility conditions on the fog-prone section of Interstate 77 in Carroll County on Fancy Gap Mountain.

The project installed various signs and devices at locations on both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-77 between mile marker 0 at the North Carolina state line and mile marker 15 to manage traffic and alert motorists of reduced speeds during reduced visibility conditions.

Devices installed included 

• Variable speed limit signs
• Electronic message signs
• Additional traffic cameras
• Additional weather and visibility detection stations

VDOT installed this additional technology to communicate to the public, but we still need drivers to change their behavior and drive to those conditions as foggy conditions will continue to create hazards for drivers.


This new system will communicate adverse weather conditions to drivers and help to reduce the severity and frequency of crashes and encourage drivers to change their driving behavior.


Phase: Completed

Lat/Long: 36.604059, -80.735465

Locality: Carroll

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