Recently Completed: Interstate 81 Widening Exit 141 to 143 - Roanoke County

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This $38-million project will add an additional lane along northbound and southbound I-81 between exit 141 (Salem) and exit 143 (Roanoke) in Roanoke County.

Adding an additional lane in both directions will alleviate congestion and provide for safer traffic movements at these exits.

The new northbound lane will begin near exit 141 on-ramp and continue with the I-81 northbound right lane transitioning to become the exit 143 off-ramp on to I-581. 

The new southbound lane will extend the exit 143 on ramp and terminate near exit 141.

As part of the project, sound walls will be constructed along two sections of northbound I-81.

Approximately 70,000 vehicles use this section of I-81 each day, making it the most heavily travelled portion of I-81 in Virginia.


This purpose of this project is to alleviate congestion and provide for safer northbound and southbound merge movements between exits 141 and 143.


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Duane Mann

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Lat/Long: 37.3395088, -80.0005619

Locality: Lynchburg and Roanoke

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Page last modified: March 25, 2023