Recently Completed: Route 122 and Route 636 Intersection Improvements in Franklin County

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This project involves constructing a roundabout as a safety improvement at the intersection of Route 122 (Booker T. Washington Highway) and Route 636 (Hardy Road) in Franklin County.

The project originated in 2016 when funding was allocated in response to Franklin County’s request for intersection improvements.

VDOT began developing a project to reduce rear-end collisions, the predominant crash type at the intersection in previous years. The initial project included constructing a new northbound left turn on Route 122, extending the right turn lane onto Hardy Road and relocating some business entrances.   

In fall 2019, VDOT re-evaluated the intersection and determined that the predominant crash type had changed with rear-end collisions decreasing and the angle crashes increasing and left-turn crashes from Hardy Road onto Route 122 almost doubling.

As a result, VDOT changed the scope of the project to provide improvements that addressed the more recent crash pattern.   VDOT considered a traffic signal and roundabout before moving forward with plans for the roundabout.

Compared to signalized intersections, roundabouts are safer, function more efficiency, reduce vehicle speeds and require lower maintenance costs. 

Why a Roundabout?

  • Improved Safety: Reduces the number of points where vehicles can cross paths and minimizes the potential for right-angle and head-on crashes because all movements are right turns.
  • Increased Efficiency: Yield-controlled design means fewer stops, less delay and shorter queues for overall improved efficiency as compared to a traffic signal.
  • Safer Speeds: Promotes lower vehicle speeds, giving drivers more time to react.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings: No traffic signal equipment means lower long-term costs for operations and maintenance.


This project will improve safety by constructing a roundabout. 


Contact Info:

Patrick Rodgers
(276) 627-1545

Lat/Long: 37.127396, -79.750665

Locality: Franklin

Page last modified: May 19, 2022