In Design: Route 419 and Route 220 Diverging Diamond Interchange - Roanoke and Roanoke County

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The purpose of this project is to address current and future congestion along the Route 419 corridor by replacing the existing interchange with Route 220 with a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). The DDI will provide enhanced safety, capacity and efficiency.

The project also includes modifying three signalized intersections along the Route 419 corridor with thru-cuts and signal phase reductions. A thru-cut intersection redirects side-street through traffic to turn left or right at the signal and to turn directly into businesses or to use a nearby crossover to make a U-turn. Less than one percent of traffic that uses the intersection would be redirected.

The three Route 419 intersections to be modified include Ogden Road, Elm View Road and South Peak Boulevard.

Modifying these intersections will increase efficiency and create shorter wait times along the Route 419 corridor by reducing signal phases. With fewer signal phases, more time can be provided to the Route 419 through movements without reducing service to the side-street movements. Reducing stop and go traffic also enhances safety. Crashes may be reduced by approximately 15-20 percent.

Route 419 currently carries approximately 40,000 vehicles per day in this area, with Route 220 serving 52,000 vehicles per day. The design of this project is in compliance with the Stormwater Management Act, stormwater regulations and the annual stormwater management standards and specifications approved by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Potential impacts to the flood plains will be evaluated and addressed on this project.

The construction of this project will conform to the nationwide best management practices, VDOT specifications and special provisions, and the Virginia Department of Soil and Water conservation regulations. Also, during construction, every reasonable effort will be made to protect the environment with respect to dust and erosion control. Access to all properties will be maintained during construction.


This project will improve the safety and mobility of the corridor by constructing a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) and modifying three signalized intersections with thru-cuts and phase reductions.

  • Improves safety: Compared to a conventional diamond interchange, the DDI will reduce vehicle-to-vehicle conflict points, which decreases the potential for crashes.
  • Improves mobility: The installation of a high efficiency, high capacity interchange, coupled with upstream intersection improvements, will significantly reduce congestion along the corridor.
  • Creates shorter wait times: Reduces the number of signal phases at intersections.
  • Reduced Right of Way Impacts: The configuration of the DDI allows it to be built mostly within existing Right of Way, reducing impact to property owners along the corridor.
  • Enhances Pedestrian Safety: Adds new crosswalks, sidewalks, and other features.


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Jesse Weitzenfeld
(540) 387-5353

Lat/Long: 37.232049, -79.973211

Locality: Roanoke

Page last modified: March 25, 2023