In Design: Route 460 and Route 220 Alternate Intersection Improvements

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The purpose of this $21.8 million project is to reconstruct the existing intersection at Route 460 (Challenger Avenue) and Route 220 Alternate (Cloverdale Road) with a Displaced Left Turn to improve safety and increase efficiency.

A Displaced Left Turn (DLT) is an innovative intersection that allows left turning vehicles and through-traffic to travel simultaneously through an intersection. The main intersection and crossovers are signalized and timed to work together to minimize stops. Interactive simulation videos are available below.

The project involves

  • Reconfiguring the existing intersection with a Displaced Left Turn design concept 
  • Reconstructing the westbound Route 460 ramp onto Route 220 Alternate to create median-separated lanes
  • Reconstructing the southbound Route 220 Alternate right-turn slip ramp as dual right turns onto Route 460
  • Modifying the existing signal and installing a new signal to support the new traffic patterns
  • Constructing approximately 310 feet of new roadway at Kingsmen Road
  • Modifying access from Kingsman Road onto southbound Route 220 Alternate as a right in/right out concept
  • Widening shoulders around the intersection 

Simulation Videos

Test drive the Displaced Left Turn intersection using the videos below. Pick your direction and look around within the immersive videos.

  1. All Movements
  2. US 460 Westbound
  3. US 460 Westbound to US 220 Alternate Northbound
  4. US 460 Eastbound
  1. US 460 Eastbound to US 220 Alternate Northbound
  2. US 220 Alternate Southbound to US 460 Eastbound
  3. US 220 Alternate Southbound to US 460 Westbound


The benefits of this project will improve safety and increase efficiency.


Contact Info:

Brett Elledge, P.E.

Lat/Long: 37.325656, -79.869589

Locality: Botetourt and Roanoke

Page last modified: Dec. 17, 2021