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Route 460 Operational Improvement Study

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Michael Gray
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The Route 460 (Orange/Challenger Avenue) Operational Improvements Study will consider potential safety and operational improvements along five miles of Route 460 (Orange/Challenger Avenue) between Williamson Road (Route 11) and Route 220 Alternate (Cloverdale Road). 

VDOT asked citizens to share feedback in an online survey completed in June 2020. VDOT shared information about the study in the video presentation below. 

This corridor averages over 40,000 vehicles per day within the study limits and experiences significant congestion during weekday peak commute times.

Potential improvements include constructing innovative intersections,  optimizing signal operations, implementing access management strategies including medians for properties and streets along the corridor, and widening the roadway.

For more information on intersections under consideration, visit the following links and view the videos below:


A Displaced Left Turn is being proposed at the intersection of Route 460 and Route 220 Alternate.  Test drive the Displaced Left Turn intersection using the videos below. Pick your direction and look around within the immersive videos.

  1. All Movements
  2. US 460 Westbound
  3. US 460 Westbound to US 220 Alternate Northbound
  4. US 460 Eastbound
  1. US 460 Eastbound to US 220 Alternate Northbound
  2. US 220 Alternate Southbound to US 460 Eastbound
  3. US 220 Alternate Southbound to US 460 Westbound


The following materials were shared at a public meeting held in November 2019.

Route 460 Study Brochure

Route 460 Study Meeting Displays

A survey to gather public input regarding issues along the corridor within the study area was conducted as part of the November 2019 meeting. A summary of those responses is provided here.

Route 460 Summary of Initial Survey Responses


The purpose of the study is to develop concepts for future, low-cost projects that can help improve safety and traffic flow on the section of Route 460 in the study area. Localities can consider including the potential improvements developed as part of the study in their comprehensive plans and can pursue these projects for future funding.under SMART SCALE or other funding programs.

Begin Study: October 2019

First Public Information Meeting: November 21, 2019

Second Public Information Meeting: Virtual update made available June 15, 2020

Study Completion: Late Summer/Early Fall 2020

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